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Punta Mango - Wild East - El Salvador

The amazing Punta Mango, is located in a area close to Playa Las Flores named El Floral, natural feral enviroment, sorounded by tropical vegetation, make of this spot a different type of surf holiday, it used to have access just by boat a couple years ago, now you can access with a 4wd car, it take around 40 minutes from Playa Las Flores, there are not much accommodations available in this area and most of the travelers prefer to stay in Playa Las Flores and from the take a boat to the surf spot to make it easier and much nicer. A new surf resort will be available in a couple months and we will add it in our website, if you want to give it a try let us know, it will be open in July 2013


There is not much to say about Punta Mango after watching a surf video of it, amazing tube, hollow wave, the biggest tube in the country, fast and strong wave, indo style of wave, for intermediate to advance surfers depending of the size, but when the big swell is coming a big truck can fit in the tube.

The spot is very picky, the wind affect it very much making it faster and close up, the right tide probably is going up to hide tide when the waves are stronger hitting the rocky bottom, but basicly what is important is the size of the swell, it should be a enough size to break, smaller than head hide it change for a faster wave too close from the rocks. This is the spot where you can get the cover of a magazine photography of yourself.





This is our first option of accommodation in this location, is located in Playa Las Flores from where you can take boat trips to Punta Mango, this resort offer a great first class service, confortable rooms with air conditioner, cable tv, private bathrooms, swimmingpool, wifi internet, restaurant service and a beautifull view of the beach. rates since US$90 per night, single room.

punta mango and playa las flores el salvador hotel....Other great option in Playa Las Flores is this nice surf resort, located right on the point with a unique panoramic view of Las Flores beach and the beach next to it El Toro y La Vaca, this resort offer rooms with multiple beds, private bathroom and air conditioner, meal service and shared livingroom with cable tv, swimmingpool and wifi internet, the rates since US$90 single occupancy.

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