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El Salvador, the former famed for its black sand beaches and the latter for long right pointbreaks like Punta Roca. Facing south-west the region makes the most of the swells swinging up from the pacific. The best swell arrives during the dry season (December to April). The extreme heat and lack of precipitation contrasts sharply with the wet season, guaranteed to rain heavily every afternoon making spot access occasionally tricky. Dominant wins are offshore from the north-east with morning offshores and afternoon onshores.

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For it's location El Salvador have very consistence surf almost all year around, with average medium size swells from 3 feets to 6 feets waves, and a few big swells during the year, making it a great place for intermediate and advance surfers, for beginners there are a few months from december to february when the swell is smaller but always with good sizes to have fun.

The surf season in El Salvador might heve the world`s most consistent surf, Here you`ll find almost year-round waves, but if you`re planning a once in a lifetime trip, maybe you`re best to make it March to October when you`re almost guaranteed four feet or better daily with some heartier swell a few days per week. March to June is pretty wave season. The rainy season is just getting under way, and the swells are already hitting consistently. for people in the know, getting into the water as soon the southern swells start pumping can be a good combination of clean water and some good surf. November and december is when the offshore arrives. This marks the endof surf season, the waves are usually small, (in the three to four foot range) but clean morning and afternoon offshores aren`t uncommon, here you can expect three to four feet daily, good time for learn to surf, Swell can pick un to and rise over five feet. January and february are small, but can also be good for firt timers. The waves often drop under two feet and it can go flat for a week at a time.

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El Salvador is known as one of the country with the biggest concetration of great quality right hand pointbreak, the surf of the country is divided in three different areas, the first is in the center, the most popular and where you will find more variaty of waves, is La Libertad, closer from the international airport and also from the capital city, you find several spots every ten kilometers, some of them still uncrowd, the other area is the West with less spots and an area that still need to be discover, and the other popular is located at the East of the country where the waves are amazing but the surf is less consistence, you can visit all the most popular spots, see pictures and videos, also we list the different accommodations available in each of them..