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Let us help you plan a great holiday Because we love surf and travel, we enjoy to help our guest to have the best surf experience in the country, we provide the best information about surf in El Salvador, surf spots, hotels, surfcamps and package for beginners and advance. We specialize in surf tours all over El Salvador, we provide transportation, hotels reservation and personalized guide service.

Book a surfcamp!We promote the best surfcamps and accommodations, let us know your needs and we can suggest the best options according with your needs, we are the easier way to book your accommodation. Please check our accommodations option and we will help you book it right away.

El Salvador Surf Camp Surf Package Short time in the country? we provide guided surf trips packages to help you don't waist you time and surf all the spots possible enjoying a great time, our crew will make you have the best time,

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Surf School Programs.

Surf School in El Salvador are totally mobil, works in beaches that offers the perfect conditions to learn as Sunzal Beach, La Paz and San Blas each one very closely located to the surf hotels and surfcamps, The schools programs open during 6 months a year, this is during the dry season from november to march, in those months El Salvador coast line taks the smallest swells of the year and is pefect for beginners or intermediate surfers who want to improve their surfing skills, the school have different experienced surf instructors, is a team that will help you learn all the levels until you will be able to catch the waves.

The programs usually start with lessons at the beach infront of the hotel or surfcamp, but the surf school will provide you transportation to different spots according with the conditions and weather, our surf instructors are also the best guides in the country to know exacly the best spot according with the student skills and the area.


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