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Playa El Tunco - Sunzal pointbreak-

Playa El Tunco is located in the Salvadorian Litoral's Road at Km. 43; Playa El Tunco is 40 minutes away from the International Airport of Comalapa and 40 minutes away from the City of San Salvador. During the last few years Playa El Tunco has been known as one of the most famous tourism destination in the country. Its popularity and enchantment makes of it a very special and attractive place to be for all kind of visitors. At the town there are many hotels with different prices and hostels for back packers and guests with low budget; there are also restaurants, bars with the best live music in the country, small surf shops that work as cyber coffees.


Next to Playa El Tunco is El Sunzal; is a classic right point break with long lines, perfect for long boards and for surfers that wish to improve it skills. In the other hand; next to Playa El Tunco is La Bocana, which is the most furious left in El Salvador, it is a fast wave with tubular sections, ideal for dared experienced surfers. Between La Bocana and El Sunzal are 2 beach breaks: El Sunzalito and La Bocanita, these two get in perfect conditions mostly in high tide.

This spot is defenlty recomended for beginners, intermediat to advance surfers is the most consistence spot in all the country, is the place to be with small swells and also with the big swells when other spots are closing up Sunzal pointbreak as a Classic waves give you the chance to enjoy long huge rides, always with the good advises of the locals to understand the currents

Bocana the river mouth, is a stronger wave, working most of the time in high tide, but Bocaneros surf this spot all the time. because is the most consistence and best shape left hand wave is very popular for local surf visitors from the city, and a spot for young locals to improve to a higher level. Bocana also have right sections with nobody in the water most of the time, all the goofy footers enjoy the left and the rights is always uncrowd!

The beach breaks sunzal y Bocanita have different conditions, Sunzalito is a better spot to provide surf lessons with sandy bottom and soft waves, Bocanita is where you will find the best locals surfers enjoying a powerfull beach break with deep drops and strong lips.



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Our favorite surf camp accommodations in this location, right infront of the ocean, with a quiet and private enviroment, offer to our friends confortable rooms with air conditioner, cable tv, private bathroom, restaurant service, swimmingpool, shared livingrooms with tv, is right in the middle of the town but separated from the bars and noisy, is a place where you can enjoy the party, walk to the bars but have the confort and privacy to rest and relax by yoursef.

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RATES ( US$125 - US$160 ) RATES (US$10-US$60) RATES (US$20-US$85) RATES (US$50-US$70)
Our exclusive surf resort, our upgrade accommodation right infront of Sunzal pointbreak and next to the popular beach town of Playa El Tunco.   qi-x surf house our budget for back packers, accommodation with great lower rates and confort with big gardens and swimmingpool.   Standard accommodation infront of the ocean in the middle of El Tunco town, rooms with A/C, cable tv and private bathrooms.   Eco surf lodge accommodation offer nice suites equipped with cable tv, air conditioner, private bathroom, fridge and oven, from one to three beds.

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