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K59 El Salvador surf spot -

Playa Chutia is known as the popular K59, this had been one of the most popular spots in the country, visited by surf travelers the last 15 years, what it make this place keep it very popular is because is a great spot that everybody enjoy but is still very uncrowd. Is the perfect spot for intermediate to advance surfers interested to have a real surf holidays, basicly just surf, eat and sleep with nobody in the water. but we can ask, why if is an amazing wave is uncrowd? Easy answer! because is located in La Libertad where we find several spots with good quality and this spot still have a really bad access, basicly local surfers are not used to walk to the wave, this spot is far away from the main road and the dirt road access not allow the acces to small cars. This is the spot where we can guarantee a great surf.



As most of the spot in la Libertad this is also a pointbreak made by a river mouth, very sismilar than El Zonte pointbreak but with a small different angle, making it a higher quality wave with better shape, the pointbreak is very consistence all year around, is a spot that you can give a chance with a small swell, and the shape of the wave is a stand up wall, with small tube sections, long clean rides, is exacly what we name "fun surf all the time". What is wrong with this spot? not much, the only critic that we can make is that with big swells is hard to surf, the currents are strong and there are not much space to paddle, but a good new is that there are not much huge swells hiting El Salvador!

Next to k59 in the other side of the river is K61, other surf area with uncrowd surf all the time, the wave is not the same consistence than K59, but being there for a couple days, watching the change of the tides and swell K61 can be an amazing wave too. If you decide to visit K59 and spend a couple days there, K61 will be breaking but you won't need to paddle until there, stay at K59 will be a better choice, nobody out and great wave right infront of the surf house.



Our accommodation partner is located right infront of the ocean, the surf house is equipped with big gardens, swimmingpool, big palapa terrace, and an amzing panoramic view of the beach from everywhere, including the windows of the room, the house have two separated rooms with air conditioner and private bathroom, shared livingroom and internet, the house capacity is six person, three beds per room.

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