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Playa Las Flores - Wild East - El Salvador

The beautifull Playa Las Flores, located in the east of El Salvador, in San Miguel department, next to El Cuco beach town, Las Flores beach is part of one of the more impressive natural area of El Salvador, is part of several flat long sandy beaches with similar style than Costa Rica, beaches like Playa El Espino, Las Tunas, Playas Negras, what it make this beach more special than other in the same area is the impressive wave of Las Flores point. This spot was surfed for the first time not a long ago, we have some histories from the old local crew that explore this area just 20 years ago, the village used to be a fishermans community but now after the last five years several hotels and resorts came making it more a touristic place, now the local community become into small business, couple rooms for rent for backpackers and boat riders.


The Surf spot is very impressive, the pointbreak is like a machine, it always break in the same spot and all the waves are basicly with the same shapes, with a nice short tube section in the begining for faster riders, then a long stand up solid wall for several meters, currents can be strong some times, the bottom is sandy, wtih a couple rocks in the begining, is a great spot for all type of surfers.

In Las Flores you'll enjoy one of the best waves of El Salvador. Las Flores right point break it is a long, consistent, fun wave with a sand bottom and tubular sections. being in Las Flores the main activity is surfing, and one of the activities is to take a boat and surf Punta Mango point break the most tubular wave in the country.

Because this area are long flat sandy beach breaks the best time for surf this spot is during the low seasson, the tides change a lot and during the hight season basicly the spot desapear, it just have some waves in hight tide with big swell, This is spot is not consistence, it get flat very frequently, is not a place to visit in the dry season, it get flat during several months, but as soon the swells start to pick up the low tides bring the best rides anybody can get in El Salvador. Around Las Flores there a a couple options of surf spots but most of them just work with big swells, spots like El Toro, La Vaca are places where you wil be able to surf just if you spend a couple days and wait for the big waves comes.

Exclusive upgrade accommodatio in Playa Las Flores, a boutique resort with an amazing view of the beach from the rooms and shared areas, suites are totally equipped with air conditioner, cable tv, private bathroom. very confortable and exclusive.

Punta Las Flores Surf resort it has the best panoramic view of the wave of Las Flores and the spots La Vaca and el Toro.

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