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Find the best surfcamps, hotels and surf resorts in El Salvador, we have a list of the different locations and the best hotels and accommodations in each of the different spots.


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We provide the biggest list of accommodations and hotels in the different surf locations, we promote the best hotels and surfcamps, all of them with the best services and facilities, feel free to contact us to provide you the best advises and suggest you some options according with your needs, we have accommodations for budgte solo travelers, couples looking for privacy, advance surfers looking for uncrowd surf, big groups of friends, families and much more. All the accommodations walking distance to the different surf spots, most of them right infront of the ocean, equipped with swimmingpool, wifi internet and a great crew.

el salvador surf camp partner

k59 el salvadorFor K59 beach house property available, the house is equipped with two rooms with one to three beds each, private bathroom and air conditioner, shared livingrooms, palapa infront of the ocean, swimmingpool and a green garden, capacity fo six person max, the house offer rooms and full meal package to our guest. (Rates since US$60 single)

playa las flores el salvador

Located in Playa Las Flores one of the most exclusive accommodations in the area, the property offer four rooms accommodations with one to four beds, rooms with private bathroom, air conditioner, cable tv and ocean view, beatifull swimmingpool, restaurant service, first class service and confort. (rates since US$90 single)

mizata el salvador

Mizata Resort is located in the uncrowd and quiet beach of Mizata at the west side of La Libertad, this resort offer first class service to our visitors, the resort offer six confortable rooms with king and queen size beds, private bathroom, air conditioner, cable tv, wifi internet and ocean view (rates since US$89 single)

kayu resort playa el tunco sunzal tortuga surf camp el salvador eco lodge el salvador
RATES ( US$125 - US$160 ) RATES (US$10-US$60) RATES (US$35-US$65) RATES (US$50-US$70)
Our exclusive surf resort, our upgrade accommodation right infront of Sunzal pointbreak and next to the popular beach town of Playa El Tunco.   qi-x surf house our budget for back packers, accommodation with great lower rates and confort with big gardens and swimmingpool.   Standard accommodation infront of the ocean in the middle of El Tunco town, rooms with A/C, cable tv and private bathrooms.   Eco surf lodge accommodation offer nice suites equipped with cable tv, air conditioner, private bathroom, fridge and oven, from one to three beds.

esencia nativa playa el zonte hotel .mizata hotel
Playa k59( US$50 - US$70 ) Playa El Zonte (US$10-US$60) Playa Las Flores (US$90-US$135) Mizata (US$55-US$75)
Confortable surf house offer two rooms for six person max with air conditioner, private bathroom and amazing panoramic view of k59 surf spot.   El zonte beach town bring us our surf camp, hostel budget accommodation in dorms and private bathroom with the best crew and meal service.   Surf Resort at Playa Las Flores with an amzing panoramic view of the surf spot, six rooms for one to four person equipped with A/C and private bathroom.   Visit and enjoy the uncrowd spot Mizata beach, our surf resort offer first class exclusive service for couples or groups looking for privacy and uncrowd surf.