playa mizata


Playa Mizata - West Surf Spot - El Salvador

Mizata beach is located at the kilometer 86 of the litoral road in the department of Sonsonate, is the located west next to La Libertad, this is the last consistence surf spot and one of the most beautifull in the area, natural feral enviroment sorounded of the amazing tropical vegetation, Mizata beach is divided by a rivermouth, the same river that make the rocky pointbreak of mizata, in the other side a nice sandy beach of around 1 kms to finally end in a rocky cliff, nice walk during low tide, This spot because is the last one and is located right in the middle of both area, La Libertad city and Sonsonate city is very quiet, "tranquilo" is a great place for surf families, group of friends looking for confortable accommodation and privacy.


The surf in mizata is amazing consistence, is one of the spots that locar surfers try when there are not much waves in the different spots, most of the time the waves are bigger in Mizata than other places in La Libertad, making it a spot for small swells and not the right spot when big swells comes, it can get much bigger sizes making it very hard to surf it, currents can be strong and the small bay of the pointbreak is very short.

At Mizata there are a couple breaks available, one is the pointbreak, right wave, perfect conditions in low tide, in the middle of the point next to the river mouth there is other sections with left and rights with rocky bottom., Finally the other side of the point next to the beach break we find different picks, The beach break is also surfable sometimes, great spot for bodyboarders. At the end of the beach there you find a rocky foundation that make other right hand pick that locals name slap.

Mizata can guarantee consistence surf all year around and uncrowd all the time, probably is not the right place if you are looking to share time with more people or if you like the party, this is a spot for a real surf holiday, basicly just to surf, eat, surf again, relax and sleep, a great place for families trying to scape from the stress of the city, group of friends looking for uncrowd surf and couples looking for privacy in a paradise enviroment.



Our Resort partner in Mizata offer first class service to our visitors, suites with air conditioner, cable tv, private bathroom hot shower and ocean view, big swimmingpool and restaurant service, the rates are according with the number of guest, (prices since US$89)

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