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Playa El Zonte - La Libertad - El Salvador

Playa El Zonte is located at the km 50 of the litoral road, popular small surf village with a young surf comunity and and young local crew, very popular and well known as the house of the best bodyboarders crew in the country, the small village is more quiet than Playa El Tunco, less visited by local tourism, and without big bars, is a surf village where you will not find the same party enviroment as El Tunco beach or La Libertad during the weekends, in the town you find several hotels and hostels with lower rates for budget travelers, also restaurants with local food for good price, this is a place for backpackers and budget travelers that don't care to share the waves with the local crew and other visitors from different countries.


For it's location El Salvador have very consistence surf almost all year around, El zonte surf spot is not an exception, this spot is very consistence with great waves, is divided by a rivermouth that make the rocky pointbreak, making it the most popular break the right hand pointbreak, but in the other side you also find left section during the high tide at a beach break, sandy during the dry season, but very rocky when the rains comes and the big swells

This spot is defenlty recomended for intermediat to advance surfers in the swell season, is very comun with big swells the waves get too big making it complicated and dangerous to surf on it, the local crew will let you know about it, if the currents are strong, most of them will drive to surf other spots like Sunzal pointbreak or Punta Roca, the small bay that make the pointbreak is too short, and the currents won't let you surf, also the big waves make the ride more close up.

With average swell or smaller waves this spot is perfect, is a good option if the waves are smaller in other spots because it keep it with good fun size most of the time. During the dry season the beach get very sandy and consistence waves, great place for beginners, most of the surfcamps or hostels offer you surfboard rental and surf lessons.



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Horizontes Surf Camps, guided tours, we arranged great itineraries according with your needs and you can cross all the Salvadorean pacific coastline searching for new spots. You will surf the best right hand pointbreaks of Central America. The tours can include a boat trip to Punta Mango, video and photo session.

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Esencia Nativa surfcamp, great backpacker accommodations with eight different rooms and a big dorm for big groups, air conditioner rooms and fan, shared areas with cable tv, ping pong table, swimmingpool, terrace with ocean view and a great meal service.

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