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Tortuga Surfcamp - Playa El Tunco



This nice surfcamp is located right infront of the ocean, is one of our favorite accommodation in Playa El Tunco because provide a great service in a private and quiet enviroment in the town, separated from the bars and restaurants with very confortable room, makes this surfcamp a good option, you can walk to the bars but you can be sure at the moment of relax and rest a bit you will have the quiet athmosphere that you need right infront of the ocean with a nice view of both spots, Sunzal and Bocana. The house offer single, double and triple rooms, with queen size beds, cable tv, air conditioner and private bathroom, clean and safe. The crew will make you feel like home, The surfcamp also provide meals service, drinks, wifi internet, shared livingroom with cable tv and swimmingpool infront of the ocean. the rates are according to the season and the number of guest, for more information contat us:


  Airport transfer US$40  
1 person
US$ 35-50 per night
2 person
US$ 55 per day
3 person
US$65 per day


tortuga surfcamp
tortuga room in el salvador
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Standard accommodation in Playa El Zonte, right infront of the ocean with swimmingpool, and restaurant services, rooms with air conditioner, private bathroom.   Esencia nativa hostal and hotel offer a great personal service, one of the best food at its restaurants and surf lessons for begginers..   This nice resort has one of the best view from Playa Las Flores, six rooms with A/C and private bathrooms   Eco surf lodge accommodation offer nice suites equipped with cable tv, air conditioner, private bathroom, fridge and oven, from one to three beds.
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Nice hostel accommodation, popular for young travelers and the popular bar La Guitarra with great parties every weekend   qi-x surf house, is a hostel with lower rates for a nice garden and swimmingpool area, private rooms and an unique suite.   One of our favorite hotels in El Tunco beach, quiet and private right infront of the ocean, rooms with A/C and private bathroom.   Our exclusive resort right infront of Sunzal pointbreak, our upgrade accommodations for travelrs looking for the best confort in the area.